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About Me

With over 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in technology, design, and web platforms. I am passionate about using this expertise to assist businesses in reaching their full potential. My background in building and managing companies has given me a strong understanding of the tools and strategies necessary for effective business growth.

I am currently working as a freelance designer and Webflow developer, but I also enjoy acting as a tech generalist, helping businesses succeed through the use of technology and systems.

I have had the opportunity to gain experience with a diverse range of platforms, applications, skills, and tools. I consider myself quite proficient at the following:
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Finsweet Attributes
Domain/DNS Management
Google Analytics
Webflow Memberships
Search Engine Optimization
Google Workspace Admin
Google Sheets
Fathom Analytics
Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro
Business Automations
Lightspeed Retail
In addition to my existing skills/knowledge, I am currently focusing on expanding my expertise in the following areas and tools:
Programmatic SEO
What I'm working on

Current Projects

I'm keeping this section updated with a selection of the projects I am currently tackling as a web designer and digital designer. From website overhauls to business automation systems to side projects, this will offer a glimpse into my current daily work and the type of projects I am currently focused on.

What I've built

Case Studies

Here are a few small case studies of some of my favourite projects that I have completed in the past few years. I've tried to select a variety of projects, including complex business automation systems, website designs, and more unique web application style builds.

A computer with the Impact Volleyball website on it

Impact Volleyball Training

Webflow Development

I built Impact Volleyball's online home and platform, which allows volleyball athletes and enthusiasts to register for their online physical training programs, along with the promotion of their upcoming events and camps.

Memberstack Integration: Impact Volleyball's online training platform is built using Memberstack, allowing athletes to register online and view the individual programs on a mobile-friendly web-based platform.

Webflow CMS-Driven Programs: The programs are created and updated using an easy-to-use Webflow CMS structure that allows the Impact Volleyball team to quickly build out new programs.

Apparel Decoration Production Management

Google Drive

Due to a lack of available software options that were sufficient for our needs, I built a custom order management system for Passion Sports. The initial version launched as a basic Airtable system with simple Slack integrations in April 2017. I completely rebuilt the system from scratch in February 2019 to incorporate much more advanced Zapier integrations and provide more automations for the team.

Airtable Production Base: The entire system is based around an Airtable base that houses every order's production requirements, artwork files, due dates, product statuses and order artwork proofs.

Internal Team Notification System: At various stages in the order process, Slack notifications are sent to individuals and channels to keep everyone on the same page with any potential delays or bottlenecks.

Custom Shipment Notification System: Upon order shipment, the system is designed to create proper tracking URLs for all of the carriers that we use (Canada Post, DHL, UPS, Fedex, and local couriers). From these URLs, a custom shipment tracking email is sent to the customer & order rep (via SendGrid), the tracking URL is uploaded to the order's thread in Slack, and text messages with tracking are sent to the customer via Twilio.

Automatic Artwork Archive: Upon order completion, the artwork files for screen printing and embroidery are zipped and uploaded into a shared Google Drive.

An Airtable base with integration logos
A computer with the PulpCulture website on it


Web Design
Webflow Development
Spline 3D

One of my favourite companies to work with and a project that really pushed myself into a couple of new spaces (Spline 3D and custom ecommerce integrations), the PulpCulture website was a great challenge for me.

Ecommerce Integration: Integrated each product page with their custom alcohol beverage e-commerce integration, Vinoshipper. this allows their marketing team to quickly add products to their website and handle checkouts through their preferred platform.

Spline 3D Models: Created 3D models of each of the cans from PulpCulture's main product line to be integrated into the website.

Custom Landing Page System: More recently, we've added a custom landing page system for their marketing team to quickly roll out landing pages for new campaigns and products.

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